Profession “Stylist”

Profession “Stylist”

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Profession “Stylist”

Making people beautiful, picking up those things that hide flaws and emphasize their merits, and also contribute to the image of a person to be more integral – this is what the stylist has to do.

Average salary: 35,000 rubles per month

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A stylist is a specialist in the field of creating a style and image of a person. He does this using all available methods: hairstyle, makeup, clothes, etc. The profession of a stylist is to create an image. Despite the seemingly modern tendency to create images, this work has its roots in the past. The profession came along with fashion. Its very first legislators were the queens in Ancient Greece. They changed their hairstyles, and all subjects imitated their style. The Indian tribes became striking representatives of the stylistic difference, in which the leader stood out among his compatriots with a special headdress. Style and style have evolved for granted for a long time. They were part of fashion and were considered integral parts of it. They began to separate with the advent of the art of cinema. Public people had to always look good, but not everyone succeeded, and so personal assistants appeared, and subsequently stylists. In modern times, the concept of a stylist already has clear outlines. It is a personal assistant that creates the client’s image from hair tips to fingertips.


In our time, the profession of a stylist is very developed. It includes a huge range of responsibilities. There are so many of them that there is a division of image makers by spheres of influence:

Top stylist or hair stylist. This is a master of hairstyles. He knows how to choose the length of the hair, give it a shape and pick your individual shade. He is a master of style who knows exactly what will suit you and will decorate your appearance. He can transform any person with the help of his hairstyle. The top stylist makes the choice based on your external data: face shape, eye color and skin, height and body type. All this plays an important role, because the hairstyle should complement, not spoil.Make-up stylist. This specialist knows exactly how a girl should paint. He will teach you how to create suitable images. Will select skin care. This is a real makeup guru. He knows how to pick up everything from the color of the glitter to the shadows on the eyes. What type of make-up should be used and in what cases, and which should be avoided? Make-up stylist will teach you to emphasize your strengths and hide flaws.Stylist-image maker. This is a fashion specialist. He knows exactly which cut suits this or that type of figure. Knowing the shape of the body is not enough. It is important to navigate the colors and the latest fashion trends. Such an image maker knows the whole range of knowledge and information about the trends of the new season. With him, clothes will only dye, and the wardrobe will become perfect. You will always have something to wear.Photographer-stylist. This is a specialist for temporary reincarnation. He creates an image for photo shoots. Thanks to such a master, you will get a whole series of bright and extraordinary photos.

Most often, all these areas are combined in one specialist – a universal stylist. It is he who creates an image that will be fashionable and individual.

What specialties to study

In order to receive a diploma or a certificate of a stylist, you should choose one of the following specialties:

Hairdressing.Design.Make-up artist-stylist.Hairdresser-stylist.Make-up stylistics.Stylist in advertising and show business.Stylistics and art of visage.

All these specialties include a course in stylistics. This is exactly what is needed in order to start working successfully in this area.

Where to study

Almost every major regional center has educational institutions where you can master the profession of a stylist. You can select from them:

Institute of International Law, Economics, Humanities and Management named after K.V. Rossinsky.GAOUSPOTK # 24 Moscow.Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H.M. Berbekov.Penza State Technological University.

These universities provide an excellent level of knowledge in the field of stylistics. In addition to higher education institutions, you can also give preference to courses in style. But it is better to finish the courses after receiving the main diploma. This will significantly increase the chances of getting a good and well-paid job.

What do you have to do at work and specialization

Each stylist’s job includes a full range of fashion and personal care responsibilities. A stylist can easily turn a gray mouse into a beauty queen. To do this, he will hold the following events:

Acquaintance with the client. You talk, get to know each other. The stylist understands clothing preferences and finds out if they are appropriate for the body type.Joint shopping. The image maker shows you which outfits are more suitable. The wardrobe is fully or partially updated. This is a pretty nice aspect, as shopping is a pleasant part of the job.Discussion of colors. The stylist gives advice on which colors to avoid when shopping for items, and which should be in the wardrobe.Change of hairstyle. The stylist can easily determine what color and shape of hair they will decorate. This is done based epic hero essay beowulf on your external data.An experienced image maker will teach you at least two types of makeup: daytime and evening. Shows how to highlight and emphasize dignity. It will also teach you to hide flaws.Selection of accessories. It’s not enough just to buy a dress. The stylist picks up a handbag and shoes for him. Everything in the image should be harmonious.

The stylist’s work covers a fairly wide range of image components. The stylist must know all the canons and standards. Such a specialist is able to visually hide flaws and emphasize advantages.

Who is this profession suitable for?

The main quality of every stylist is creativity. He must constantly pour in ideas and create. Thus, the client will always be satisfied, because he has a lot to choose from. In addition to creativity, organizational skills are also important for an image maker. The client must clearly understand that it is necessary to listen to the stylist. Sociability always helps to find mutual understanding.

Another important aspect is the appearance of the image maker. He belongs to those specialists who are met by dress and general image. Therefore, accuracy and the ability to take care of yourself play a special role.


Despite the fact that the profession of a stylist has existed for many centuries, it has just begun to gain popularity. Appearance has long become the hallmark of most professions, so more and more people are hiring stylists on a temporary or permanent basis. Stylists work in television, stage, film industry. You can find a stylist in almost every beauty salon. Personal stylists and shopping consultants are rapidly gaining popularity.

How much do people working in this profession get

A stylist’s income level depends on the number of clients. In most cases, earnings fluctuate between 20 and 60 thousand rubles a month.

These are quite substantial amounts, which directly depend on the number of customers and their feedback on the level of work. After all, stylists generally receive a percentage, not a rate.

Is it easy to get a job

In order to get a job as a stylist, you should go through an interview. The easiest way is to get to a beauty salon. You will receive an average income and an opportunity to gain experience. Very often stylists get a job as hairdressers or make-up artists, because these arts are part of their range of duties. Having gained experience and created a portfolio, you can try to get on television. Private stylists who are attached to wealthy or well-known members of society earn especially well.

How a career is usually built

The career is developing dynamically. She usually starts as a hairdresser-stylist or makeup artist. You gain experience and build a portfolio. Then you should try your luck in contests – this gives you the opportunity to grow up and get a job as a stylist in popular television shows and projects. You can also make great money by getting a job as a personal stylist.

Profession prospects

Stylists have two main perspectives:

The opportunity to receive substantial royalties on television, cinema or stage.Opening your own salon or style school.

The stylist is a promising and dynamically developing industry in which everyone can achieve success.


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