The changed strategy at Bertelsmann already became clear in the summer of...

The changed strategy at Bertelsmann already became clear in the summer of last year with the surprising dismissal of ex-boss Middelhoff.

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The changed strategy at Bertelsmann already became clear in the summer of last year with the surprising dismissal of ex-boss Middelhoff.

This was then tested positive for the coronavirus. Castex has reportedly tested negative. Strict security rules applied to the press statement. Source:, chr / dpa “” News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of Marseille In the fight for the America’s Cup millions, Valencia prevailed against its competitors Lisbon, Marseille and Naples.

The world football association (Fifa) has put a stop to a move from goalkeeper Fabien Barthez from Manchester United to Olympique Marseille. Fifa prohibits a loan deal between the two clubs. He wasn’t really happy in Manchester: French goalkeeper Fabien Barthez was only number three at the English champions.

Now the world and European champion is returning home. The Dane Jakob Piil won the 10th stage of the Tour de France. The driver from Bjarne Riis’s CSC team won the sprint in Marseille after 5:09:32 hours, ahead of Italian Fabio Sacchi. Both had long been outliers in front of the main field.

The city cleaning service of Marseille has a new touch in its range of services: it scents the city on the Mediterranean with the scent of lemongrass. Eight people were killed in a hotel fire in the southern French port metropolis of Marseille. A woman had jumped out of the blazing building in fear of death. According to media reports, the controversial top candidate of the Schill party in Saxony-Anhalt, Marseille, tried to buy his degree. In the battle for the America’s Cup millions, Valencia prevailed against its competitors Lisbon, Marseille and Naples. “” Turned 50 and not 80 “: Westerwelle still has a lot to do. (Photo: dpa) Guido Westerwelle has turned 50 and invites you to Party.

The “usual suspects” from showbiz and politics insist on congratulating him. A look at the beginnings with “dear Guido” and good advice are inevitable. But the real “fireworks” was set off by the Federal Chancellor. The guest list was remarkable, the speeches amusing, the buffet was hearty in the Rhineland and the honored was satisfied with himself and the world: Guido Westerwelle is “only” Federal Foreign Minister and no longer Vice Chancellor and FDP Chairman , but when the Liberals celebrate their 50th birthday, a location like the tipi tent at the Berlin Chancellery can easily be filled with top-class.

850 guests – the “usual suspects”, a few surprise guests and many journalists – a mixed party party that gave the former high-flyer of the FDP an unforgettable evening. Rösler also congratulates politely. (Photo: dapd) It doesn’t matter whether Guido Westerwelle lends a hand the placement of the guests was involved or the organizers were solely responsible, in any case there are temporarily some remarkable (table) neighborhoods: the leftist Gregor Gysi sits at a table with the liberal Federal Minister of Justice Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, the CSU veteran Edmund Stoiber and Gabriele Begum Aga Khan, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, head of the SPD parliamentary group, next to Prince Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe, Bertelsmann patriarch Liz Mohn next to “Bild” editor-in-chief Kai Diekmann. The table of honor – absolutely top-class: in addition to Westerwelle and his husband Michael Mronz, the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Federal Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere and his wife, the EU commissioner for foreign policy Lady Catherine Ashton, FDP legend Hans-Dietrich Genscher and wife Barbara, Berlin Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit and Westerwelle’s oldest friend Werner Hümrich. And otherwise one has the impression that “everyone” is there: the FDP apparently complete, which is not to say that the tipi could accommodate all the still steadfast liberals as well as that entire cabinet, the chairmen of the Union and the Green parliamentary groups, Volker Kauder and Jürgen Trittin. The show industry is also well represented: entertainer Thomas Gottschalk, film producer Atze Brauner and pop singer Vicky Leandros, who gets the marquee to sing Happy Birthday – Westerwelle, who is not knocked over so quickly, is visibly moved.

The tension of the past year seems to have dropped from him. On this evening in Berlin, he enjoys being celebrated, even though he knows that some of the things that are said here in speeches and greetings have a manageable expiry date. Nevertheless, he likes to hear it, as his Duz friend Angela Merkel tells how she got to know him: “I admired you because you stabbed everything in the Bonn media so coldly that we discussed in the coalition committee. And because I belong to the kind of person who is already copying at school always got caught, I said to myself: great, this guy can do something. ” It is hard to imagine today that she encountered him back then with a “mixture of admiration and fearfulness”.

As he says, Westerwelle would have loved to have known that before the coalition negotiations in autumn 2010. Angela Merkel gives the best speech of the evening, entertaining, quick-witted, funny – the hall is raging. She is the secret star without snubbering the actual main character. We don’t know whether Philipp Rösler’s speech gave him a headache, but it was probably not easy.

Less than a year ago, he kicked Westerwelle out of the office of party chairman, snubbed him as foreign minister and has been acting as the FDP chairman since May 2011. But that evening Rösler also tells of his beginnings with “dear Guido” in 1995 at the Federal Congress of Young Liberals in Bad Salzuflen. As the newly elected delegate, Rösler had gathered up all the courage to put a question to the then General Secretary. “Dear Dr. Westerwelle …”. The “dear Dr.

Westerwelle “went right in between, so you don’t even start.” I’m a young liberal too. For you, for you I am Guido. “Rösler was flabbergasted – and this evening limited himself to performing a few rhetorical classics from Westerwelle’s repertoire:” Anyone who thinks Germany is capitalist also thinks Cuba is democratic. ” Gregor Gysi and Edmund Stoiber laugh together: Stoiber because he thinks it’s funny and Gysi because he really understands fun.

When Rösler quotes another Westerwelle classic, quite a few prayers go to the tent sky in the hope that the former FDP chairman might be right with the statement: “There are two organizations in the world that have experience with the resurrection : the Catholic Church and the Free Democratic Party. “Rainer Brüderle, a shrewd rascal, assures Klaus Wowereit, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, that the Rhenish way of life, which came with the move of the Federal Government from Bonn to Berlin, is basically a” Upgrade “for the capital. He himself is most happy about the successful joke that brings the hall to riot once more. This is the only time that a top politician is mentioned, even if it is claused, who is not there that evening and who no one seems to be missing. At the very end Westerwelle said: “I can assure you that I enjoyed the many kind words, but that I did not overestimate them either. I appreciate it, but I also know that one or the other exaggeration on such evenings belongs to it, but I would have to lie if I didn’t say I still wanted to hear it. ” You can clearly see how moved he is when he talks about his homosexuality, which has been hidden for many years: “When you grew up in the time in which I grew up, and when you know that this is not and should not be taken for granted In my youth it could never be taken for granted that as a man with my disposition you would be in public life today and that it would take place here in such a prestigious meeting as a matter of course that you would include my partner, my husband, in your congratulations, that moves me deeply and that means so much to me. ” At his place, Michael Mronz greets him with a long, heartfelt hug. Guido Westerwelle has turned 50 – he looks more mature and relaxed.

The past year has been tough, even for someone like him who can hand out and take. On his birthday he receives many congratulations: Hans-Dietrich Genscher: “Good luck and that he can do his job with a clear conscience and great satisfaction. He does. And I believe that one day he will be considered a good foreign minister.” Hans-Peter Friedrich: “He is lively and light and in a good mood. You can see that in him and I hope it stays that way, because from 50 you have to make life beautiful.

He knows that he can rely on me. “Gregor Gysi:” At 50 you grow up. There follows an exhausting time, I told him that. From the age of 60 he can become childish again.

Then life becomes easier again. But in reality it is of course the case that he has already had very difficult times. The FDP is rightly not doing well at all, but of course it is wrong that it is solely responsible for it. And in such a situation you should come and congratulate, even if you have completely different political views. “Liz Mohn:” I wish him that he continues to enjoy success.

I think he has developed well, also as foreign minister. And I also hope that the FDP will stay with us in Germany, because this party has done a lot for Germany over the past few decades. And I thought there were incredibly great speeches today, the Chancellor was a fireworks display and I’m happy that I was there. “Development Aid Minister Dirk Niebel:” Happiness, health and that he remains as good-looking as he is at the moment. We work very closely together. It’s a great cooperation and I’m waiting for us to continue this in the next legislative period. “Thomas de Maiziere consoles his cabinet colleague over 50:” For me, 30th was

Birthday difficult. Somehow I wasn’t youthful anymore. 50 – I had a nice party there too.

But that wasn’t a big turning point. I think 60 will be more difficult. ”That evening, Guido Westerwelle himself reminded us that he had“ turned 50 and not 80. ”That sounds as if he still has some plans.

Some will like to hear that. Others will be more concerned about what he might have meant by this. Source: “” Liz Mohn has become the most important and influential person at Bertelsmann. Her husband, Group Patriarch Reinhard Mohn, has significantly expanded his wife’s influence on one of the largest media companies in the world. This makes the “Bertelsfrau”, alongside Friede Springer, one of the most powerful women in the German media business. “I put my wife in charge of perceiving the family influence,” said Reinhard Mohn at the weekend.

In future, all major decisions should only be made with the consent of the family. Liz Mohn has been chairwoman of Bertelsmann Verwaltungsgesellschaft (BVG), which controls 75 percent of Bertelsmann AG’s voting rights, since August. In addition to Reinhard and Liz Mohn, two of the three children of the entrepreneurial couple also sit in BVG.

With the transfer of power at Bertelsmann to his wife Liz, Reinhard Mohn has made a clear about-face. Around ten years ago, Mohn still took the view that the family business principle had failed. With the establishment of the Bertelsmann Foundation, he wanted to hand over the management to a largely family-independent committee.

The changed strategy at Bertelsmann already became clear in the summer of last year with the surprising dismissal of ex-boss Middelhoff. According to observers, it was seen as an abrupt rejection of Middelhoff’s plans to prepare the company for an IPO. Middelhoff had the idea that the family should bring parts of the capital to the stock exchange. The family in turn feared for their influence at Bertelsmann and dismissed Middelhoff. The Gütersloh Group will indeed fulfill the commitment to the shareholder GBL to bring its 25 percent stake in Bertelsmann on the stock exchange.

According to Liz Mohn, the lion’s share of the voting rights should remain in the family. “That’s what our heart beats for, that’s our life,” the almost 62-year-old is quoted as saying. Liz Mohn is a trained dental assistant. In 1958 the former boy scout started working as a secretary at the Bertelsmann Book Club. Only a short time later, she became the partner of the company boss, who was 20 years her senior, but the two did not get married until 1982.

Initially, the “First Lady von Gütersloh” concentrated on charitable tasks, but expanded her position in the company early on. She took a seat on the Executive Committee of the Bertelsmann Foundation and on the Supervisory Board of Bertelsmann AG. Now nobody can get past Liz Mohn at Bertelsmann. Source: “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of Marseille The collapse of the stage before the planned Madonna concert in Marseille has a second Victims claimed: A 32-year-old British man died in hospital from serious injuries.

The public prosecutor’s office has now initiated an investigation. A fatal accident occurred while preparing for a Madonna concert in Marseille. A worker died when parts of the stage under construction collapsed. Several construction workers were injured, some seriously.

A fatal accident occurred while preparing for a Madonna concert in Marseille. A worker died when parts of the stage under construction collapsed. VfL Wolfsburg have signed Algerian international Karim Ziani from Olympique Marseille.

According to VfL, the 26-year-old midfielder signed a four-year contract with the German soccer champions until June 30, 2013. After the sale of Diego Werder Bremen does not want to give up another regular player. Werder club boss Klaus Allofs said: “We are planning with him for the next season” about the interest of the French first division soccer team Olympique Marseille in defender Naldo. Excitement until the end: in Ligue 1, the decision in the title race will not be made until the 38th and last day of the match. League leaders Girondins Bordeaux, however, are enough to draw their first championship title since 1999.

The dissatisfied national soccer player Lukas Podolski is apparently in great demand. He himself speaks of the interest of some clubs from home and abroad.